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Juanita Davalos Avatar
Juanita D.
So far my experiences with Health Advantage physicians have been good. However, after nine months of treatment that manage the pain in my hip, leg and knee after my surgery, it is temporary and I am living with excruciating pain almost daily, now. Thus, I have come to the conclusion that I need to see an orthopedic specialist to see if there are problems that can be addressed beyond what I am currently getting. My post should not be a negative reflection on Health Advantage.
Gladys Vargas Avatar
Gladys V.
Wonderful health Support. Special thanks to Dr Christian for his dedication, health recommendations and treatment!
Yolanda Saldana Avatar
Yolanda S.
I would absolutely recommend going to Health Advantage. The receptionists are always polite, organized and very patient. Everyone is so friendly and helpful at the office. The place is neatly kept and clean. I can usually get an appointment that is convenient for me. However most importantly I am extremely happy with the doctors and staff. They listen and care about their patients. They go out of their way to help. I am so pleased with the results I am getting from the treatments I have received. I just turned 70 and physically feel amazing. Thank you!!!
Monique Medina Avatar
Monique M.
Dr. Was patience and took his time to explain things .
Jerry Selby Avatar
Jerry S.
Very professional, through & friendly!! Terrific experience! ūü§ď
KATHRYN Pittman-Edstrom Avatar
My husband William was very pleased to find a chiropractor that was so ready to listen to him and his needs. Thank you Dr. Buckley!
sean davis Avatar
sean d.
First time seeing Dr. Buckley as I have never been to a chiropractor. My wife has been going here for years and recommended I go and I am glad I did. My neck has been so stiff after my accident and Dr. Buckley gave me an adjustment and what a relief. I can actually turn my head from side to side without pain. Thank you.
Joanne Lazzaro Avatar
Joanne L.
Excellent care and friendly staff. I started there several years ago with an insurance referral, and I've stayed ever since. The chiropractic care and therapeutic massage services are top-quality. It's a small, friendly place that gets to know you individually and really works with you to address your health issues.
Jose Luis Gutierrez Avatar
Jose L.
After my first visit I felt relief with my neck and shoulder pain and I was able to gain more range of motion and flexibility. I am excited about my next visit and I would highly recommend Dr. Buckley.
Tamiko Wieland Avatar
Tamiko W.
Thanks to Health Advantage staff members' and doctors' friendliness and dedication, I regained the pain free daily life, and could travel even abroad.
suk nakamura Avatar
suk n.
Dr. Buckley is very experienced, he knows what I need, the staffs are friendly and helpful
Valerie Beaulac Avatar
Valerie B.
Friendly helpful staff. Scheduling is easy and they work hard to accommodate YOUR schedule. Dr. Buckley has helped my back and my neck pain, I didn’t think that was possible. No need for medications anymore